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“The simplification and harmonization of the process makes us faster, saves costs and improves quality. We are confident that we will quickly see concrete results.”

Daniel Hanngren, Director Communality, Technical Office, Husqvarna Group


1201, 2018

Why is Technical Documentation Critical for Field Service?

Why is Technical Documentation Critical for Field Service? Here is evidence from The Aberdeen Group that the shift to field service and documentation is happening. Revenue growth is focused on improved service delivery with the top goals for “best in class” companies: ​Improve customer retention/loyalty/satisfaction = 58% Improve service-related profitability

3010, 2017

How is Technical Documentation changing?

Given our position as a leader in global technical documentation we see scientific and technical documentation changing in six discrete ways: How the information is consumed. End users of your technical documentation today want to be able to access the information with the same ease as they access information in


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