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Documentation & Content Management

Content management is a set of processes and technologies that support the efficient creation, management and publication of technical information in any form or medium. Content management ensures that:

  • Quality information (STE) is only created once and reused, thanks to applying the single sourcing principle
  • Information is structured in the most efficient way thanks to applying the topic-based authoring principle
  • Time on technical documentation is spent efficiently as updates will only have to take place once in the source
  • Translations are managed effectively
  • Information can be published in various publication formats, either static or dynamic, including PDF, HTML(5) and our HyperSIS viewer
  • Information can be accessed and easily found by end users like field service engineers

For more information on document management, please visit our Asset Information page.

Etteplan DOC

Etteplan DOC is our service to help create, manage and publish your technical documentation efficiently. Thanks to our methods, which are based on universal standards and specifications like DITA and S1000D or any other requirements for structure you may have, we ensure that:

  • Technical content is handled efficiently at the lowest possible cost
  • End users like field service engineers have quick and easy access to (service) information thanks to dynamic delivery methods
  • Information meets the highest quality standards
  • Leaving the deliverables up to us will result in operation excellence
  • And much more

Customers like ABB, Sandvik and Boon Edam trust Etteplan with their needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you as well!


  • Content Management Systems
  • Topic-based authoring
  • Single sourcing
  • DITA
  • S1000D
  • XVL, SVG
  • Simplified Technical Illustrations
Technische documentatie Hyper DOC
Technische documentatie Hyper DOC
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Our methods and tooling are based on universal documentation standards to create efficiency and independency.

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