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Improve your service business

Through our state of the art spare parts catalogs

Spare parts catalogs to improve your service business

In order to optimize your product life cycle and keep the downtime to a minimum, fast and easy spare parts ordering is crucial.

Etteplan is your one-stop shop for either implementing the best spare parts catalog systems, or for fully outsourcing your spare parts catalog needs.

Etteplan’s satisfied customers include Cargotec, Sandvik, John Deere Forestry, Siemens, IHC Hydrohammer, Agrifac, Hekuma, Stiebel Eltron and Claas.

Etteplan PARTS & HyperParts

Etteplan PARTS is a service to create, distribute and maintain high-quality spare parts information to maximize revenues from the service business. To reach this goal it is paramount to have an efficient after sales process with accurate spare parts information.

The value of Etteplan PARTS is based on up to 60% cost savings due to efficiency improvements in the catalogue production and distribution processes, and the use of HyperParts spare parts catalog software, which results in:

  • Shorter downtimes of machinery or equipment
  • Improved accuracy of spare parts ordering
  • Shorter lead times due to improved quality of spare parts information
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to shorter lead times in customer service
  • High machine uptime and productivity due to correct spare parts

Etteplan PARTS helps field mechanics and order handlers do their job efficiently: spare parts information is accurate and can be found easily in printed and online catalogues. Depending on the catalogue media, spare parts can be ordered directly from the catalogue, which minimizes erroneous orders and speeds up the order-delivery process.

Our competitive advantage includes visual search in combination with Etteplan VISUAL, allowing for quick, easy and correct parts ordering as well as 60% cost savings through best-in-class methods.

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  • Spare parts catalogs
  • Visual search
  • PDF or interactive
  • SaaS or on-premise
  • Hosting
  • Online or offline
Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Leo Adank +31 (0) 6 5372 6555 leo.adank(at)
Daniel Tänzer +49 (0) 175 / 2241741 daniel.taenzer(at)
Jukka Toimela +358 103 07 23 31 jukka.toimela(at)
Eric Tengstrand +46 70 757 7440 eric.tengstrand(at)
Winni Liu +86 512 5768 9999 winni.liu(at)
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