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Translation & Localization

Etteplan has been providing translation and localization services for over 4 decades, specializing in over 50 languages for various industries, including machinery, medical, aerospace, defense, consumer products and many more.

Our reputation of providing fast and high-quality technical translations at very competitive prices still stands after 40 years, as does our ability to reduce cost by applying our sophisticated translation management tools and simplified language techniques.

Customers like Tristar, Philips and Marel trust us to handle their translation needs.

Why choose Etteplan as your translation partner?

  • In-depth industry-specific knowledge
  • Extensive network of over 500 native technical translators and agencies
  • Translation services in over 50 languages (with unicode support)
  • Ability to reduce cost and time thanks to efficient translation management methods and tools
  • Use of controlled language methods (including Simplified Technical English) to assure quality and further reduce translation cost
  • In-house graphical and layout (DTP) expertise
  • Translation portal for quick and easy ordering and project management

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  • Technical translations
  • Over 50 languages
  • Extensive network
  • Industry’s best translation tools
  • Simplified Technical English
  • Terminology management
  • In-house DTP services
  • Translation portal
Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Leo Adank +31 (0) 6 5372 6555 leo.adank(at)
Daniel Tänzer +49 (0) 175 / 2241741 daniel.taenzer(at)
Jukka Toimela +358 103 07 23 31 jukka.toimela(at)
Eric Tengstrand +46 70 757 7440 eric.tengstrand(at)
Winni Liu +86 512 5768 9999 winni.liu(at)
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Our methods and tooling are based on universal documentation standards to create efficiency and independency.

People & Skills

Close to 450 technical documentation specialists are eager to help you with your short and long term needs.